Global Expansion Ready: The Right Way of
Expanding your Business Overseas

It is quite normal to fear the unknown. It is part of our survival instinct – ingrained in our minds – throughout our human evolution. When presented with something unfamiliar, our fear kicks in and we have to make a decision – “fight or flee”?

The same thing happens to business owners when presented with the idea of expanding their business overseas (or more popularly known as offshoring). The fear of losing control, the trepidation of compromising the quality standards that they’re used to, the apprehension caused by the assumption that the company/brand that they’ve built would be bastardised, all serve as motivations for them to flee, instead of to fight. This prevents them from reaping the potential benefits of business growth and further development brought about by global expansion.

Our goal at Certica Global is to take away the fear by turning the unknown into a known, to replace assumptions and misconceptions about global expansion by setting things straight, and to equip business owners with the knowledge and facts that would make them expansion ready.


Here’s a list of global expansion truths that can help businesses embrace the idea of being Expansion Ready:

Why Engage Overseas

Why engage workers overseas?

  •   While reduced cost is a given, the more important question now is what “reduced cost” can bring to your business?
  •   Certica Global provides more opportunity for growth, which is financially burdensome (and sometimes impossible) for some Australian Businesses.
  •   As long as you partner with a reputable global expansion partner, like Certica Global, you’ll be able to get more opportunities to grow your business WITHOUT compromising the high quality standards that you’re used to.
  •   Your business will gain access to a bigger talent pool of skilled workers outside of Australia – excellent professionals who are now within your pay grade.
  •   You’ll have a Second Operating Hub that can share the load with your Australian offices, giving you flexibility and ensuring your business operates even if your doors in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle or Dubbo are shut for an office function or local public holiday.

Why the Philippines

Why the Philippines?

  •   Reduced Lag Time: The country is adapt to the western culture so there’s an easier transition both from the business owner and the employees
  •   English Proficient: The Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world – next to the US and UK.
  •   Service-oriented attitude: Filipinos have the natural inclination to be friendly and hospitable. It is embedded in their culture (i.e. this is why Filipina/Filipino nurses are in demand globally).


Just keep in mind that it pays to recognise your offshore employees as part of your team. Assimilate them in your company culture and make them feel that they belong. This would do wonders in motivating your staff and we promise you, they would go to great lengths to help bring success to your business.

work from home

Why it’s wise to choose Certica Global, over “cheap” work-from-home providers?

  •   Reliability: Power outages and internet problems can be a daily occurrence in most offshore countries. That’s why you need a global expansion partner who’ll make sure that these things won’t affect the work by having quality equipment and backup power.
  •   Security: We make sure that our clients’ sensitive materials and documents are protected through CCTV cameras and 24-hour office security. These are not available in most work-from-home providers.
  •   Australian Relationship Managers: You can reach our local representatives when necessary to discuss action points, challenges, key learnings on how to further improve your business. We are not a foreign provider, we are an Australian organisation that has partnered with Australian businesses since 2001 engaging and managing their contracted workforce.
  •   Compliance: Certica Global carries with it the heritage of Industrial Relations compliance – making sure taxes and other responsibilities are met, no matter what country.
  •   Voice Quality: This is one of the most important business communication vectors. A poor voice quality can make or break a business transaction. That is why Certica Global would help make sure you get the best Voice Team for your business – more often than not, your clients won’t even know they are contacting them from a different country.
  •   Recruitment, Coaching and Guidance: Our Managers and HR Personnel ensure that every employee is ready to work to the fullest of their potential. They are provided with a clear career path so that they are motivated and do not go MIA when the going gets tough.
  •   Facilities: We pride ourselves in having one of the best offices in the Metro. From top of the line systems that promises uninterrupted connectivity to modern and chic office design and furniture pieces that inspire. Our Australian clients truly envy our work environment and this helps us attract and retain the best talent for your organisation. Even our lavatories are inviting and picturesque!


With globalisation in full swing around the economic world, you have to make sure that your business won’t be left behind.

With the help of Certica Global, you’ll have the opportunity to restructure and transform your business – increasing efficiency and better talent utilisation. You can retain and build client facing and strategic functions in Australia. Plus, you can develop a devoted and committed team that would take care of your administrative and customer care services offshore.

Quoting the great Michael Jordan, “Fears just like limits are often just an illusion.” Give us a call, and let us take all those fears away so that we can help your business become GLOBAL EXPANSION READY.

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