How Global Expansion Empowered the “Davids” to Compete with the Goliaths

When we decided to expand and build a Certica Team in the Philippines over 2 years ago, our objective was not solely to reduce cost. Our main goal was to increase customer satisfaction by improving our end product and client servicing.

We started with 6 members performing the roles of Data Entry and Customer inbound and outbound calls to assist different clients and contractors that we’re catering to. The impact of the extended team was immediate. We’ve received a lot of great feedback almost right off the bat. As a “growing” business back then, we wouldn’t have been able to do this in Australia. It would’ve been too difficult (not to mention expensive) to pull off.

Today, our global team has grown to over 35 talented individuals. We’ve also added Accounting, Human Resources and Marketing into our fold of expertise. Under the Marketing department are very talented creative and web development teams, which consist of former advertising professionals. This is just the beginning. We’re looking to grow even more. As a testament to this, we’ve built our very own office space (which we consider as one of the best looking offices in Manila) that we now offer to other businesses looking to build their own global team and enjoy the success that we’ve been experiencing.

Another point that I’d like to make why I believe our venture succeeded is that we didn’t “outsource”. Outsourcing means turning over the reigns of your business to a third party provider, wherein they will run set structures to achieve results. Since we’re a growing company, we’re more versatile with our structures and we combine this versatility with tacit knowledge about our business. This wouldn’t have worked in an outsourced setting. We needed to build our own team, train them using our own process, and incorporate them in our own unique culture. And based on the results, it seems that we did the right thing.

With our Australian Team and Manila Team working hand-in-hand, we are confident that a growing company like us can compete with any industry giant. For once, the Davids have a chance against the Goliaths.

Team Certica

Note: Follow our Certica Global Linkedin page to find out more about the advantages of building your global team. Want to expand your business in our awesome Manila office? Give us a call at 1 300 301 401.

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